SA Announces the “Take Back” Tour for 2017

CEO and record label founder SA (Spiritually Anointed) today announced a new tour that he will be orchestrating called the “Take Back” Tour.

This tour is planned to be a multi-city tour along East and North Texas during the spring and summer seasons of 2017 and will feature himself and wife / label mate, Polarity (formerly known as Brittny on the label roster) as the performers.

The idea behind this tour is to promote how our God is greater than the enemy and whatever he meant for harm, can be turned around for good (Gen 50:20). We’re taking back what he took from us AKA good music to glorify God.

The shows will be comprised of original music, but will also feature a segment where both SA and Polarity perform a mash-up of Christian themed remixes of highly popular songs known to the secular music community. The popular songs are anticipated to bring familiarity as many teen and young adult Christians listen to secular music, whether casually or regularly. However, these songs will be remixed with Christian-based lyrics creating positive messages and praise to God.

I understand it may be controversial to some. There are churches who conclude that any music used in a secular song is sinful because when people listen to the beat, they think of the sinful content. One thing people need to understand – it’s not the beat that makes the song sinful, it’s the lyrics. People listen and get excited by the beats and will dance without knowing what they’re dancing to, even if the lyrics are giving awful and destructive messages. My motive behind this tour is to expose this and infuse lyrics that promote a healthier and more spiritual message that everybody can feel good about.

SA’s last performance was back in spring of 2015 and is working on his follow-up album to Refined By Fire, called Rise Of The Giant. He is expected to release it by mid-2017 which may coincide with the new tour and the recently announced D2S FEST.

Meanwhile, Polarity’s recently announced name change comes on the heels of the new rebranding for Death2Self Records, signaling a renaissance within the label as it ventures into it’s 12th year after it’s 3 year hiatus.

Stay right here for more news on this upcoming tour, including dates and locations once they are announced.