Growing up in the South Bronx of New York City, J-Deuce was always known as ‘the clean cut from the hood’, which means he was raised in a dangerous, ghetto environment but was not involved in any type of gang related activity. Although, there were still moments where he got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time such as getting jumped by a group of thugs and almost getting killed in a shoot-out. In a way, he is still grateful for those negative situations because he feels like God spared his life to prepare him for great things.

While being in-love with making music he has gotten the opportunity to link-up with Cool Journey Studios to produce a mini hip-hop video. The video was actually a public service announcement that aired on BronxNet television multiple times to encourage the people of the Bronx to vote during the 2008 U.S. presidential election. At around that same time, J-Deuce produced a theme song for a BronxNet television show called ‘Perspectives’ which features the wonderful singing voice of Cynthia Rios. ‘Perspectives’ is a weekly talk show and is still using the theme song in their intro till this day. J-Deuce has also collaborated with a great up and coming emcee by the name of Shanell Shane to produce a theme song for an internet radio show called ‘The Gospel Show’ hosted by ‘Redeemed’. Besides this, he has featured on multiple mixtapes, a EP and is currently working on his second LP. While enjoying the ride as a hip-hop artist, he is always looking to draw people closer to God in some way through his music. Its all about making a difference one track at a time.

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